Edispo and the future of e-waste

2 min readDec 13, 2021


Proper disposal of electronic junk (also known as e-waste) has been an ongoing issue in the Philippines up to date. When electronics are mishandled during disposal, these chemicals end up in our soil, water, and air. To make matters worse, electronic waste is sometimes illegally exported to countries that don’t have laws on the proper handling and disposal of it.

Edispo is the Philippines’ First Online E-waste Exchange Platform that is dedicated to help lessen environmental threats and educate its users on how to properly dispose of e-waste at home, in our community, and in our respective businesses.

According to Jim De Castro, Founder & General Manager of Edispo, “E-waste and scrap disposal run as pervasive problems in the Philippines, yet they are only treated as a norm. “Bahala na, basta maitapon nalang,” we would say, perpetuating harmful throwaway culture.”

Edispo is set to launch on the first quarter of 2022 and will function as an e-waste marketplace that allows users to dispose, buy & sell, and donate old gadgets, appliances, and electronics to end buyers (such as junk shops, recycling plants, and even government and private companies) who can help dispose and recycle e-waste.

“When we first learned about the concept and the initiative of what Edispo is, we were thrilled and excited to start our engagement with them. As an individual who is passionate about sustainability, design and business development, I already knew that this is going to revolutionize the way people feel about e-waste. Being able to adapt and create a platform that serves its purpose will encourage everyone to be part of the solution. Easy-peasy!” Dani, CEO of The Pink Lab Designs Co.

Ready to see how Edispo works?

You can already check out www.edispo.ph for more educational information on e-waste management as early as today and check out their Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn Accounts for more updates and news.

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Edispo is an online peer-to-peer marketplace focused on addressing the growing amount of e-waste in the Philippines.